Presentation: "The Health Benefits of Cold Laser"

by Christian Franzetti, CEO, Human Recharge, Sweden

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Pilates Mat

Pilates mat training is a fun and intensive workout for the whole body. Beginners will first become familiar with the Pilates technique and its specific language. Then we proceed by learning the basic exercises where we mainly focus on improving core stability and spine mobility. Thanks to the small size of the group, it gives me the opportunity to give each participant my attention for individual cueing and correction. As you progress within the basic Pilates mat program, we integrate the Pilates small equipment as roller, ball and magic circle for an increasing challenge and variety.



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In the advanced Pilates sessions, the training is more challenging and encompass the whole range of movement. A strong core stability is a prerequisite as well as knowing the exercise repertoire. The choreography moves together where you go from one exercise to the next in a flowing sequence.

Each training session equals 55 minutes.