Presentation: "The Health Benefits of Cold Laser"

by Christian Franzetti, CEO, Human Recharge, Sweden

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Pilates barre fusion can truly transform your body. This is an amazing way to sculpt your muscles and create a long leanphysique. It involves a fun choreography at a dynamic pace. You’ll feel sore afterwards, but also energised and strong. What makes Pilates Barre special is the tone and the feel of the method. It’s not the typical boot camp, but more feminine and graceful. I have put together a dynamic formula with interval training where your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then we add stretching for relief.

Barre Workout: A bit of History 

The most important precursor to many types of barre workouts, is the Lotte Berk method. Lotte Berk was a London based German-British ballerina in the 50s. She had a distinguished career with a famous dance company until she had a spinal injury in a severe car accident. Together with an orthopaedic specialist, she designed the Lotte Berk method comprising exercises to strengthen her spine and core. Her strengthening regimen worked so well that she was able to make a full recovery. Then she began sharing her exercises with others and opened up a studio. Not only was her method rehabilitative, but it also seemed to deliver a physique similar to a dancer’s body with long and lean muscles. She taught at her studio and actively exerciseduntil the age of 80.


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The barre style that I teach at KJ Pilates is based on her method, combined with Pilates and functional training.

The classes are small exclusive groups so that you will get a personalised training. I offer subscription packages of four classes. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to join spontaneously to a somewhat higher price provided space is available.

Let’s start!Hopefully, this will be a workout you will enjoy and crave. It’s time to wake up your muscles, boost your metabolism, and feel some heat. Together, we are going to sculpt the bodies.