Why practice Pilates? 

“After 10 hours you’ll feel the difference, after 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body.” Joseph Pilates

Pilates is amazing for most people. Men and women, teenagers to the silver age, from top athletes to overweight. It is a full body workout with a low risk of injury. Thanks to the mindful and controlled way of exercising, almost every person can begin to practice. The advantage with Pilates is also that you can adapt the workout to the individual needs of the person.

However, there are some groups of people that  can profit even more:

  • Managers - for more strength and relaxation
  • Adults 60+ - helps staying fit in the Golden Years
  • Top athletes for injury prevention and athletic improvement
  • Moms – after giving birth, to get back into shape
  • Artists – the Pilates breathing helps to connect mind, body and soul
  • People with an unhealthy posture – to avoid back problems

If you are suffering from back pain or if you have had any injuries, it is important that you let me know about it so that we can adjust the exercises and the program. That is also the advantage of individual small groups. Please see a medical doctor and get the approval for doing Pilates. Then book your group class trial to try it out!


pilates 01

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 In order to estimate the fitness level, I offer a fitness screening consisting of 15 exercises that are relating to the Pilates repertoire. The fitness screening gives a better estimate of your strength, flexibility and coordination. With screening results, I can better estimate what Pilates exercises are suitable at the time being. The screening is not a prerequisite for taking part in the lessons, but a good opportunity to get to know your individual level at your starting point and you will be more aware of the progress.


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