The Studio

Located in the center of Wollerau SZ, you will find my boutique Pilates and barre studio offering traditional Pilates exercise and dynamic barre classes. To maintain a high quality of instruction and teaching ciients the correct technique, I am focused on private sessions, duets and small group classes with not more than six participants. I have eight years of teaching experience and I had the privilege to learn from Lolita San Miguel, a student of Joseph Pilates who founded the method. I believe in delivering high quality Pilates to get the best outcome for each client. 

The Pilates method is an intelligent system of resistance training that uses the combination of body weight and springs to lengthen and strengthen the body without building bulk. It strengthens the Powerhouse– abdominals, lower back, hips and gluts, and the extremities – arms, legs and feet improving flexibility, coordination, posture and stamina. 

All the studio equipment is made by Pilates Scandinavia in Sweden. They have managed to create a Pilates equipment that gives the highest quality experience for the body. The Pilates Scandinavia equipment is based on the original designs of Joseph Pilates. At KJ Pilates you will find the Reformer, the Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Barrels and Ped-o-Pull.

For the Pilates barre fusion workout, a more dynamic cardio training with inspiration from ballet, Pilates and functional training, we use wooden portable ballet barres and mats. Sometimes also the Pilates small equipment for the matwork. In any case, here you will activate your metabolism, sweat and feel the muscles burn. 

To book your next appointment, go to the online booking section on kj-pilates homepage or contact me directly via email or phone. 

For a more intense Pilates experience and to help you rewind from daily business, I organise Pilates retreats at beautiful places in Italy. Please go to the retreat section to find the next date.  

Exercise is one of the essential components for a healthy lifestyle, food and rest are other important factors. In the studio, I organise workshops on healthy nutrition with experience from my own journey that went from dieting to finally making peace with food. Delicious smoothies, kombucha and raw food juices belong to my speciality. 

Let me finish by saying that there is nothing more beautiful than a person who feels good in his own body. It is not about the shape, the weight or the number of wrinkles in the face. It is about a positive atiitude to life and giving the best to yourself, as good as you can.