The Pilates Technique

Pilates is set apart from other exercise systems by six principles. Whether you are working on the mat or using Pilates equipment, these basic principles infuse every exercise:

1.   Control

2.   Concentration

3.   Centering

4.   Breathing

5.   Precision

6.   Flow of movement

They might sound a bit abstract, but the more you practice Pilates, the more they become second nature.

Energetically, the Pilates exercises are sourced from the center of the body, the powerhouse area between the ribs and the pubic bone. If you bring full attention and control to every movement, you will get the maximum value out of each exercise. The correct breathing was emphasized by Joseph Pilates. You use a full breath to pump the air fully in and out of the body. Then you coordinate the breath with the exercise to make it easier and more fluent. Precision is about being aware of your alignment and the appropriate placement of each part of the body. By practicing the Pilates routine with a gentle flow, you create grace, ease and fluidity – the intention that Joseph Pilates applied to all exercises.

The exercises follow a certain order. This makes it easier for the client to remember the exercises and the sequence.

The Philosophy of Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates had a vision from health and wellbeing. In his books “Your Health” and “Return to Life through Contrology” he describes the sense and philosophy of his method. His three fundamental principles are:

1.   Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health refers to the development of the body, the mind and the spirit in complete coordination with each other. Mr. Pilates wrote that this could be achieved through exercise, proper diet, good hygiene and sleeping habits, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and a balance in life of work, recreation and relaxation.

2.   Whole Body Commitment

Whole Body Commitment is mental and physical discipline, a work ethic, an attitude toward one’s self and assuming a lifestyle that is necessary to achieve Whole Body Health.

3.   Breath

The breath is an integral part of overall body functioning, increasing volume capacity, oxygenation and other physiological changes. Full consistent inhalation helps the circulatory system nourish all the tissues with oxygen-rich blood while carrying away impurities and metabolic waste. Pilates Referred to this cleansing mechanism as the “internal shower” which results in mental and physical invigoration and rejuvenation.

To summarize, Pilates is more than a fitness method. By implementing the principles and the philosophy, you become more healthy, stronger, more balanced and mindful. Pilates is also excellent for managing stress.