Presentation: "The Health Benefits of Cold Laser"

by Christian Franzetti, CEO, Human Recharge, Sweden

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“You are what you eat. Don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.”

Despite exercise, eating less sugar and sticking to a healthy nutrition, for some people dieting for weight loss doesn’t seem to work.

The reason for this can be an unfavorable composition of the gut bacteria – also called microbiota. Interestingly, the food that you eat greatly affects the types of bacteria that live in your intestines. A disequilibrium may be provoked by the wrong choices in our diet. Too much processed foods, too much sugar, too much white flour, low quality fat, processed dairy and different additives can harm the trillions of bacteria in the gut. Studies show that the more bacteria diversity, the better for our health and the chances of staying slim. Consequently, eating food that promote a balanced microbiota is extremely important for many aspects of health.

My Personal Story

For most of my life, I was craving sugar and couldn’t resist eating too many sweets. This generated some stubborn extra kilos around my hips and I was hoping that dieting would solve the problem. I tried all the trendy diets, only to give up some weeks later full of frustration. It became a rollercoaster ranging from a massive cupcake indulgence to minimalistic starving. Fundamentally, it was really hard to get away from the sugar cravings.

A radical change happened when I went to a holistic health farm in Israel where I got familiar with the microbiome method. With this way of eating, you choose to eat foods that support the gut bacteria. After a month, my sugar cravings were gone and after two months, the extra kilos had disappeared. I also noticed, that what I ate had an impact on how I generally felt in my body, my energy level and my joy for life. The microbiome recipes are true culinary delights with no sense of deprivation. I don’t label myself as a pure vegetarian or vegan, I occasionally eat dairy and meat, but I feel most energized when there is a lot of a fresh vegetables and fruits on the menu. Today, with 50+ years, I’m in the best shape of my life.


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My workshops are for women and men who like to lose weight – a little or a lot – build strength and gain more energy while eating healthy and delicious. I’ll show you how you can get into great shape with small daily practices and how to prepare easy microbiome recipes. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.

I teach small groups or personalized classes 1:1. Alternatively, I also come to your house to give lessons.

All we get is one body and one life. Don’t waste it. 


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